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Benn Willcox

Best and Worst Exercises for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most challenging and frustrating body irregularities, as humans are likely unable to reach the affected area. When something occurs on the backside, we rely on others to look into it for us. When it comes to back pain it’s crucial that proper techniques be performed to accomplish relief. Many […]

Benn Willcox

Caring for Those With Spinal Complications

Of patients who have suffered from spinal cord injuries, those dealing with spinal disorders, or any variation of spinal complications, personal assistance is often required to help with daily activities. Simple tasks like getting out of bed in the morning, bathing, and getting dressed are often taken for granted by individuals not dealing with such […]

Neurostimulation Applied to Back Pain

For those suffering from chronic back pain, going about daily activities can be difficult and painful. Depending on the causes and severity, medication and physical therapy may help, but a strategy that tends to see more effectiveness is neurostimulation. Roughly the size of a stopwatch, a neurostimulator is a surgically implanted device that delivers mild […]

Benn Willcox allograft

Osteoblastic and Stem Cells from Bone Allografts

Osteoblasts are single nucleus cells that synthesize bone, which function in groups of connected cells during the process of bone formation, as individual cells cannot create bone. Successful bone fusion relies on three crucial components: an osteoconductive matrix, an osteoinductive signal, and osteogenic cells. Today, autograft bone is one of the most commonly used processes […]

Benn Willcox arthrodesis

The Successes of CBA’s in Arthrodesis

Within the next decade, the number of arthrodesis procedures is expected to continue to increase due to aging populations and complex combinations of diseases in individuals. The goals of arthrodesis procedures are to decrease pain, increase mobility, and improve one’s overall quality of life. Arthrodesis typically focuses on the reversal of disability associated with arthritis, […]



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